PowerShell ModuleManager 2019 (1.1.0)

Adds remoting (Install via Repository, Uninstall, Update), plus new remote connections panel.
February 11, 2019 - 9:51
New Product


  • Added: Remoting
    • Install via Repository.
    • Uninstall.
    • Update.
  • Added: Remote Connections Panel.
  • Added: Option to Install NuGet if it is not found.
  • Updated: NuGet detection.
  • Updated: Options supports different installation scope and repository per remote connection.


  • Fixed: Other minor changes and fixes.
  • Fixed: Licensing issue with 32 bit version.
  • Fixed: Color of User Modules changed to a less 'guilty' color.
  • Fixed: License not being activated.
  • Fixed: Allow Clobber toggling.
  • Fixed: Skip Publisher Check toggling.
PowerShell ModuleManager

PowerShell ModuleManager

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