PL/SQL Developer v13.0.1

Adds Brazilian, Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish language packs.
February 26, 2019
New Version


  • Language packs added for Brazilian, Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Debugger preference lists "Never/Always add debug info" now also support comma and semi-colon as separator.
  • File Dialog enhancements:
    • Entering "." will refresh directory.
    • Entering ".." will go up one directory.
    • Pressing F3 will focus the Search field.
    • Pressing F4 will focus the file edit.
    • Pressing F5 will refresh directory.
    • Column layout was not saved correctly for international windows versions.
    • Entering characters in the file list did not always jump to the corresponding file.
    • Connection option is now disabled when "Allow Multiple Connections" preference is disabled.
    • Directory shortcuts were not displayed in the file list.
  • SQL Window comment directives EXCEL=<file> and CSV=<file> now also support %dbuser% and %dbname% variables.
  • Command Windows script execution performance improved.
  • Function key added for "Editor: Sort Code Assistant".
  • Splash Screen now always displays on monitor where application starts.


  • Refreshing a result set after executing one of multiple statements of a SQL Window script would remove all other statements from the script.
  • PL/SQL Beautifier did not parse q'strings correctly when not using brackets and the 2nd character is a quote (e.g. q'*'hello'*').
  • Regular expression popup menu had a double entry for the Tab character (\t) and no entry for the Newline character (\n).
  • Insert column value highlighting did not work when using a RETURNING INTO clause.
  • Selecting a mixed case table column name in the Code Assistant did not add quotes.
  • Command Windows script execution performance was poor when many connections are defined.
  • Search Bar option "Search in files" did not always work correctly.
  • Connection List could show duplicate connections.
  • Application title did not show a proxy user.
  • Find Dialog and File Dialog could show up when switching focus to PL/SQL Developer.
  • You could not cancel AutoRefresh for a window if the connection fails.
  • Taskbar label did not always start with the connection on Windows 7 in MDI mode.
  • Debugger could hang when the Anonymous PL/Block of the Test Window had a compilation error.
  • Starting PL/SQL Developer maximized on secondary monitor did not display correctly.
  • Selection indent and unindent would take too many steps to "undo".
  • Compare Table Data and Compare User Objects SQL preview was not always complete.
  • Command Window SERVEROUTPUT settings were not preserved when reconnecting.
  • Error message after failed registration could be off-screen.
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