Aspose.Slides for Java V19.5

Adds support for converting SVG images to shapes.
June 05, 2019 - 8:19
New Version


  • Support for converting Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images to shapes.
  • Support for comment replies.
  • Support for rasterization or vectorization of Shapes without text.
  • Support for Microsoft Office 365.
  • Support for Size represents property for Bubble charts.
  • Support for hiding left slide thumbnails pane in generated PPT.
  • Obtain default table background through API.
  • Support to set chart external data source workbook path.
  • Support for Funnel charts and 2D map charts.
Aspose.Slides for Java

Aspose.Slides for Java

Enable your application to read and write PowerPoint documents without utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint.

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