Aspose.Slides for Java

Aspose.Slides for Java is a non-graphical PowerPoint management component that enables Java applications to read and write PowerPoint documents without utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint. Aspose.Slides for Java provides the functionality to manage PowerPoint documents. Aspose.Slides for Java can render a slide to an image or export a slide to SVG. Aspose.Slides for Java can also embed Excel charts as OLE Objects in slides, scan text from presentations, create shapes on slides and more. Aspose.Slides for Java is written in Java and can also be bought as part of Aspose.Total for Java.

Available Features

  • Read, change and write Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Read standard document properties (Title, Author, Creation date, Comments, Keywords, etc.)
  • Read and change fonts used in a presentation
  • Copy and delete slides. Automatic copying masters together with slide
  • Change text and text formatting
  • Change or add new shapes (Lines, Rectangles, Ellipses)
  • Change style of lines
  • Fill shapes in different styles (Solid, Gradient, Pattern, Texture, Picture)
  • Offers 48 predefined patterns...

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Latest News

Aspose.Slides for Java V16.11.0
Aspose.Slides for Java V16.11.0
Added AnimationEffect.Disappear feature, plus implemented rendering for distributed text alignment.
Aspose.Slides for Java V16.10.0
Aspose.Slides for Java V16.10.0
Added support for slide resets and set the hide background graphics property.
Aspose.Slides for Java V16.9.0
Aspose.Slides for Java V16.9.0
Adds support for Handout Masters in Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) files.
Aspose.Slides for Java V16.8.0
Aspose.Slides for Java V16.8.0
Implemented OpenDocument presentation templates, plus support for fixed HTML exporting.
Aspose.Slides for Java V16.7.0
Aspose.Slides for Java V16.7.0
Enable Header rows and Banded rows.
Aspose.Slides for Java V16.6.0
Aspose.Slides for Java V16.6.0
Insert videos from the Web into a presentation.

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