Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server 4

Configure your Pro Cloud Server from a Web Browser, without directly logging onto the server.
July 29, 2019 - 10:48
New Version


  • Unified Product Range and Licensing - A new approach to licensing now sees the Pro Cloud Server as the perfect enabler for a broad range of Enterprise Architect teams.
  • New Web Based PCS Configuration - Configuration of the Pro Cloud Server and WebEA is now easier than ever.
  • Prolaborate v3.2 - Prolaborate - Graphs and Dashboards to Support Architecture analysis.
  • WebEA Favorites - You can now opt to have WebEA use the Favorites packages defined in the model. When enabled, WebEA becomes focused specifically on the Favorites packages and their contents.
  • WebEA Enhancements
    • Customize the default WebEA layout. For example, if you have created a Model focused on diagram navigation you can now configure WebEA to hide the Browser and Properties View by default.
    • Change the order used for WebEA's Browser and Object list. Group by Object Type, use EA's 'free sorting', or sort alphabetically.
    • WebEA's Notes editor now allows creation of hyperlinks to external web pages.
    • Improved security and login handling.
    • Additional model information is now available in WebEA, including Attribute/Operation Aliases, Information Items Conveyed, Structured Use Case Scenario Paths, and Predefined Structured Tagged Value types.
Browser Based Configuration Client

Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server

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