Eyeshot 12 build 520

Improves Mesh section speed using Octree.
August 19, 2019 - 9:56
New Version


  • Improved Mesh section speed using Octree
  • Added parallel execution to MarchingCubes and MarchingSquares classes
  • Updated OpenDesign libraries to version 20.5
  • Added ReadDWF class
  • Improved collision detection speed
  • Added materials support to ReadAutodesk, WriteAutodesk and WritePDF classes
  • Complete re-design of PaperSpace sample
  • Improved object snap speed for BlockReference in DraftingDemo code sample
  • Added LayerListView, LinetypesListView, MaterialListView, BlockListView, TextStylesListView, TableTabControl and FemUserControl to samples custom controls.

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