Highcharts JS v7.2.0

Adds support for multiple color axes.
September 04, 2019 - 14:48
New Version


  • Added new top-level option, caption. The caption has similar structure to title and subtitle. It renders a chart description below the chart contents, supports reponsiveness and is part of exported charts.
  • Added support for multiple color axes for almost all series. Visually, the color axis will appear as a gradient or as separate items inside the legend, depending on whether the axis is scalar or based on data classes.
  • Added high-contrast-light and high-contrast-dark themes with 3:1 contrast against background.


  • Fixed #11792, error and invalid attributes in organization chart with one point.
  • Fixed #11783, tooltip border and background disappeared when combining tooltip.outside and chart.styledMode.
  • Fixed #7911, axis.reversed should not take effect on a linked axis if the parent axis had a different setting.
  • Fixed #10962, stack labels were misaligned in variwide series.
  • Fixed #11702, error in organization chart with certain relations, plus color was not always applied to nodes.
  • Fixed #11717, loading network graph as ES6 module threw errors.
  • Fixed #11609, prevented reflow of destroyed charts in IE and Edge.
  • Fixed #11546, in packed bubble series parentNodes were missing after chart and series update.
  • Fixed #11199, a regression causing wrong grid line placement in a single-item category axis.
  • Fixed #11469, Series.remove() function didn't work properly with networkgraph and packedbubble series.
Color Axis in Highcharts

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