Continua CI v1.9.1.336

Adds new Python actions, plus enhances support for PowerShell Core versions 6 and 7.
September 12, 2019 - 10:57
New Version


  • Adds new Python actions:
    • Python action for running python scripts, modules or commands.
    • Python VirtualEnv action for creating a virtual environment for running python commands under.
    • Pip Download, Install and Wheel actions for python package management.
    • PyTest action for python unit testing.
  • Enhancements:
    • PowerShell action updated to support version PowerShell Core versions 6 and 7.
    • 'Wait for completion' option added to PowerShell action.
    • Added new 'Process.OutputEncoding' and 'Process.OutputCodePage' agent properties which can be used to control the default output encoding when running command line processes on each agent.
    • Added new Process Output Encoding properties (`Encoding Name` and `Code Page`) to the Environment tab of all actions which run a command line. This can be used to override the default output encoding for each action.
    • New default error message patterns to match errors in output from DotNet Build, Publish, Test and Run actions.
    • Added list of Latest Warnings to build log after action output.
    • The output from actions that run a command line process is now wrapped in a "Output" message group in the build log. This is for easier access to Latest Errors and Latest Warnings.
    • Git repositories now allow a blank username. This is required when using a personal access token as the password for some services such as TFS/DevOps.
    • Dotnet Build, Pack, Publish, Restore and Test actions now allow a solution file to be entered for the project path.
    • The 'Browse' button on file input boxes in action settings now lists files from the head of the default branch rather than the tip changeset for each repository.
    • Upgraded bundled PostgreSQL service to version 9.6.15.


  • Fix: The list of latest errors messages shown in build log after action output did not include errors picked up using error message patterns.
  • Fix: The build variable value is now used rather then the default configuration variable when expanding the Report Filename field.
  • Fix: The poll URL for manual repositories changed to ignore any id sent in the post request content. Previously a id sent by TFS web hook would override the id in the URL.
  • Fix: Correction to default for Maximum Environment Variable Length field on MSBuild action.
  • Some minor UI updates.
  • Some third party package updates.
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