Continua CI

Continua CI is a Release Management Server application that eliminates all your build process headaches by managing your builds for you. It is designed to continuously monitor all your source code and automatically begin builds discretely. Continua CI automates the entire process, from triggering builds to packaging and deploying the final product. Don't limit your build to one machine, Continua CI will distribute your builds across your entire network.

Continua CI Continuous Integration
Continuously Integrate and remove the hassles associated with running builds. Continua CI will detect any changes in your source, check these against your own business logic and run your build automatically.

Continua CI can be broken into three basic steps:

  • Monitor your source for any changes.
  • Trigger a build if the source does change.
  • Build and deploy your build.

Compile, Test, Analyse and Deploy Automatically
Continua CI turns your dreaded build phase into...

Latest News

Continua CI v1.9.2.972
Continua CI v1.9.2.972
Upgrades the bundled PostgreSQL database service to version 14.4.
Continua CI v1.9.2.895
Continua CI v1.9.2.895
Improves build notification subscription options for groups.
Continua CI v1.9.2.832
Continua CI v1.9.2.832
Adds custom log message format for importing unit tests.
Continua CI v1.9.2.810
Continua CI v1.9.2.810
Improves performance when expanding build log entries.
Continua CI v1.9.2.781
Continua CI v1.9.2.781
Adds new Docker Save action plus new server and agent properties.
Continua CI v1.9.2.771
Continua CI v1.9.2.771
Adds new NPM Run action plus new .NET property collectors.

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One software license is required per Concurrent Build. Your initial purchase includes 12 months of support and updates. Updates include both minor and major releases during this time period. The...

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