Continua CI Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for Continua CI, please contact our VSoft Technologies licensing specialists.

One software license is required per Concurrent Build.

Your initial purchase includes 12 months of support and updates. Updates include both minor and major releases during this time period. The license is Perpetual (non expiring). After 12 months you can continue to use the latest version of Continua CI that was available when your subscription expired, or you can renew your subscription for another 12 months and continue getting updates and support.

Community Edition License: Under the terms of the Community Edition License, the Software will allow one concurrent build, one local (on the same machine as the Server process) agent, with unlimited users and projects/configurations.

Concurrent Build License: Under the terms of the Concurrent Build License, the Software will allow one concurrent build per License purchased and installed. This is additional to the limits included in the Community Edition.

Remote Agents: When at least one Concurrent Build License is installed, the Software will allow unlimited remote agents to register and be utilized by the Server, however the number of agents executing builds concurrently will be limited by the number of Concurrent Build Licenses installed. Agents do not 'consume' licenses, only executing builds do.

Please note that a unique license has to be generated for you based on your order details. This will be sent to you via email as soon as possible. Continua CI will continue to work for the remainder of the evaluation period until you receive your license key.

License Agreements