About Continua CI

Automated build and continuous integration server that centralizes build projects.

Continua CI is a Release Management Server application that eliminates all your build process headaches by managing your builds for you. It is designed to continuously monitor all your source code and automatically begin builds discretely. Continua CI automates the entire process, from triggering builds to packaging and deploying the final product. Don't limit your build to one machine, Continua CI will distribute your builds across your entire network.

Continua CI Continuous Integration
Continuously Integrate and remove the hassles associated with running builds. Continua CI will detect any changes in your source, check these against your own business logic and run your build automatically.

Continua CI can be broken into three basic steps:

  • Monitor your source for any changes.
  • Trigger a build if the source does change.
  • Build and deploy your build.

Compile, Test, Analyse and Deploy Automatically
Continua CI turns your dreaded build phase into one of the easiest stages in your development cycle. Continua CI embraces all the pitfalls and issues relating to builds and handles them for you. When building with Continua CI you are compiling, testing and analysing your code continuously and automatically. If it passes all your tests then Continua CI is ready to deploy your build. It can be deployed either automatically or manually, once your developer team are happy with it. Continua CI is yours to control.

Reviewing Your Builds
Continua CI maintains a history of your previous builds. This can be used to compare your current build to previous iterations. These build reviews include statistics on build duration, version, unit test results, build artifacts and changes made since the previous build. Most importantly, these reviews show you why your build failed. Continua CI retains any error messages, stack traces and logs so you can easily determine what went wrong and how you can fix it.

Let Continua CI Work for You
If you don't want Continua CI to automate your entire build process then just add your own business logic and rules. Continua CI is customisable at every stage of the build process. You can specify Continua CI to only begin a build under certain conditions, which includes how it deals with repositories and your own source code. This open ended philosophy extends from triggering a build and executing individual build actions, right through to how packaging and deployment should be handled.

Group Your Configurations
Managing multiple builds is a breeze using Continua CI's Project and Configuration architecture. Separate your builds into individual Configurations and group them into Projects that are defined by you.

Structure Your Build Flow
Control the flow of your build using Continua CI's advanced workflow editor. This includes Try & Catch statements and all the looping & conditional statements found in a complete programming language.

Share the Workload
Make the most of your network and distribute your builds over multiple Agents. Continua CI scales with your business. So, if you have more builds, add more agents. Simple.

Additional Features

Keep Your Existing Tools
Continua CI supports all major source repositories including Subversion, Team Foundation Server and Git. Link your repositories and let Continua CI detect when changes occur, in any branch.

Rich, Web-based UI
Access your builds anywhere with Continua CI's all-new, HTML5 user interface. Track and change your builds without installing annoying client software on your developer machines.

Easily Find those Build Errors
Traceability is never an issue in Continua CI. Each build run contains a detailed log specifying whether actions completed successfully or why they failed.

Build Projects in Parallel
Run your build processes efficiently and maximise your developer's precious time. By running your builds in parallel, they can run continuously while your developers can get back to what they do best, develop.

FinalBuilder & MSBuild Integration
Don't throw out your complex FinalBuilder and MSBuild configurations. Continua CI is integrated with several build runners giving you the best of both continuous integration and independant build runners.

Build When YOU Want
Start your builds the way you want. Continua CI supports timed triggers, commit/checkin triggers and build completed triggers, enabling you to daisy chain your builds. Take control of your builds today.

Control Your Deployment
Deploy manually or automatically, it's up to you. With Continua CI the level of automation is completely your decision. Set up your builds to run and release autonomously, manually or somewhere in between.

Link Builds with Your Issue Tracker
Simplify your issue tracking process by letting Continua CI link your builds with your issue tracker. Continua CI will link meaningful commit/checkin messages to your issue tracker, enabling easier issue traceback.

Set Who Can Do What
Control who can access what. Continua CI includes support for users, roles and groups, which can be linked to your existing Active Directory Authentication.

Always Stay in the Know
Get notified immediately when a build fails. Continua CI supports mupliple notification services including email, IM and XMPP. Setup each developer with notifications the way they like it.

Information at a glance
Check the status of your builds at a glance with Continua CI's build views and metrics. Information included ranges from success/failed ratios, build durations and unit test results.

Forget About Testing
Automate testing as part of your build. Continua CI supports several unit testing packages, including NUnit and MSTest. If your code fails your unit tests, you can either stop the build or keep building anyway, it's your call.

Dynamic Builds
Incorporate variables, objects and expressions into your build process. Continua CI supports variable and property injection into most build actions.