Automise is a Windows automation tool for system administrators and IT professionals that reduces the need for writing script to empower anyone to automate Windows. Automate with Automise to free yourself from repetitive tasks and provide faster, more reliable and consistent results. With Automise it's easy to create and maintain an automation project with drag-and-drop in its graphical interface. Once finished, anyone can run a project with a single click, keystroke or automatically on a schedule and save time with the power to run tasks automatically.

Automise Features

  • Easy to use and powerful GUI
  • Hierarchical logging to database
  • Debugging (Watches, Breakpoints, etc)
  • Integrated ActiveScript
  • Run projects in IDE or on command line
  • Schedule projects
  • Action Studio
  • Run multiple actions in parallel
  • Set and change project edit password

Automise Overview

  • Graphical Interface - Automise's graphical interface has been carefully crafted to balance functionality with usability. System Administrators will find automating Windows tasks in the structured...

Latest News

Automise v5.0.0.1341
Automise v5.0.0.1341
Adds WinSCP Run Script Action.
Automise v5.0.0.1325
Automise v5.0.0.1325
Adds the ability to color disabled actions in search results.
Automise v5.0.0.1310
Automise v5.0.0.1310
Adds new SFTP Action: Create Symlink.
Automise v5.0.0.1296
Automise v5.0.0.1296
Adds Get DateTime Difference Action.
Automise v5.0.0.1282
Automise v5.0.0.1282
Improves Signtool and Async Group actions.
Automise v5.0.0.1271
Automise v5.0.0.1271
Improves String Replace Action.

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One software license is required per user. Your initial purchase includes a 12 month support and update (minor and major versions) subscription. The license is Perpetual (non expiring). After...

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