Automise Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for Automise, please contact our VSoft Technologies licensing specialists.

One software license is required per user.

Your initial purchase includes a 12 month support and update (minor and major versions) subscription. The license is Perpetual (non expiring). After 12 months you can continue to use the latest version of Automise that was available when your subscription expired, or you can renew your subscription for another 12 months and continue getting updates and support.

A Named User License permits one specific entity to use the full version of Automise. Any human or non-human operated device that utilizes Automise is counted as a Named User.

With a Floating User License, you may distribute and install internally within one site in your organization up to 10 copies of Automise for each Floating User License, provided the number of users accessing or using Automise simultaneously does not exceed the Floating User Licenses purchased.

Automise Enterprise Licensing is negotiated on a case-by-case basis to tailor the licensing and support to your organization's needs. To offer better value solutions for the large scale of Enterprise licensing, VSoft offer the inclusion of ATCMD run-time only licenses.

Since version 5 Automise Run-time is now free.

Please Note: A unique license key needs to be generated for you based on your order details. This will be sent to you as soon as possible and Automise will continue to work for your remaining evaluation period.

License Agreements