Includes new actions and enhances IDE.
October 09, 2019 - 15:44
New Version


  • Automise Actiona
    • Enhancement - If..Then Action - handle direct datetime variable comparison without string conversion.
    • Enhancement - Set Variable Action - DateTime variables - avoid string conversion when new value is a reference to DateTime.
    • Enhancement - SQL Server Restore Action - added Initial Database field to Server page.
    • Enhancement - SQL Server Restore Action - Initial Database defaults to master.
    • Enhancement - Fileset Define Action - allow datetime filters to use datetime variables directly without conversion to string..
  • Automise Core
    • Enhancment - Log Export - Xml export - xml format now has more information with message groups and child errors.
    • Enhancment - Log Export - Html export - new options to export Flat (original) and Tree (new) format - tree format has Light and Dark themes.
    • Enhancement - new command line options for html export style,theme and custom stylesheet.
  • Automise IDE
    • Enhancement - Welcome page explore links now open explorer with file selected.


Visual task automation tool for Windows administration.

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