Eyeshot Professional 2020

Adds RootBlock paradigm and seamless assembly navigation.
February 05, 2020 - 15:04
New Version


  • ReadGCode class and a new entity called Toolpath.
  • Billboard drawing for Text entities defined inside a Block.
  • Length/Perimeter/Area/Mass for Object/Face/Edge/Curve with proper linear and mass units.
  • ReadJT class to read tessellation from Siemens JT files (up to version 9.5).
  • Native multitouch implementation in WPF control.
  • RootBlock paradigm. Eyeshot 2020 includes a default Block that represents the scene root.
  • Seamless navigation through assemblies, with endless edit/open command combinations.
  • Progressive Turbo representation during assembly navigation.
  • Improved Zoom/Pan/Rotate/ZoomFit on large assemblies with Turbo enabled.
  • A new, convex hull based, zoom fit. Includes dedicated settings for fitting huge 2D drawings.
  • Display/highlight collision detection intersection volumes.
  • Display angles in the degrees/minutes/seconds format for angular dimensions.
  • Dimension text with a different color.
  • Load thumbnail image from DWG files.
  • Multiple origin symbols per Viewport.
  • Proper illumination on BlockReference with mirror transformation.
  • Clipping boundary in the Picture entity.
  • Improved small object culling and frustum culling during dynamic movements.
  • Write/Read entities by reference.
  • 3D PDF output document customization: sample document.
  • Read thickness of AutoCAD wires.
Eyeshot Professional

Eyeshot Professional

Add CAD capabilities to your .NET applications.

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