HelpXplain 1.3

Translation function now supports Japanese and Chinese (Simplified).
March 24, 2020 - 11:33
New Version


  • New option to restrict maximum image size in the publish dialog. This is very useful if your Xplain contains many images, in particular large ones. The maximum image size option can reduce the physical size of images during export.
  • DeepL translation function now supports Japanese and Chinese (Simplified).


  • Fixed access violation that occurred when deleting slides in Object List.
  • HTML editor problem with Japanese IME fixed.
  • Screen Capture German UI was too small.
  • Screencast dialog was sometimes hidden behind main window.
  • Replacing image placeholders with a picture from clipboard creates images without a filename.
  • When changing the display duration of multiple slides in the Animation > Slide Transition dropdown menu, an error occurred.
  • Updated xploader.js script: when loaded in lightbox, it sets to focus to the lightbox to enable keyboard operation without a first click.


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