Help & Manual Floating 8.0.2 Build 5473

Translation function now supports Japanese and Chinese (Simplified).
March 25, 2020 - 17:11
New Version


  • DeepL translation plugin: Japanese and Chinese Simplified are now supported.


  • Data Loss with Topic Status Change - Version 8.0.2 fixes a bug related to topic-status changes that can cause data loss: if the topic status was changed for multiple topics at once, those topics that had been edited before (and were yet not saved) lost their content. This bug also triggered a problem with the table of contents, a warning appeared that the table of contents could not be stored.
  • eWriter eBooks: several small fixes to the eBook viewer - initial browser zoom on high-dpi monitors, viewer app button was sometimes too large, app button color highlight did not always revert to normal.
  • Images in nested tables were displayed at the wrong size if editor zoom was larger than 100% and the user switched between editing the outer topic and the first table. This bug was a cosmetic issue only.
  • Publishing tasks: after publishing a task, the click to show the compiler log created an error. Wrong caption in publishing tasks dialog (Delete selected item was named Add Task Action).
  • Image toggles inside table cells, with a fixed image size and without caption, did not scale with Premium Pack skins when the text size changed by the user.
  • Link lists: when chapters without text and regular topics were mixed in a list, the text-only-chapters pointed to the previous topic.
  • HelpXplain export: umlauts in tooltips of poster image had wrong encoding.
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Help & Manual Floating

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