PL/SQL Developer v14.0.1

Adds File Locations import/export functions, plus updates to language packs for 14.0 features.
June 09, 2020 - 9:19
New Version


  • Language packs updated for 14.0 features.
  • The Project desktop file (project.dsk) is now portable.
  • File Locations import/export functions added.
  • File Browser directory popup items added for Git Clone and Subversion Checkout.
  • Change All Lines popup menu item added to the Diagram Window.


  • Large Data Editor did not show in Single Record View in the SQL Window.
  • Selection > Uncomment would remove /* and */ in string constants.
  • Window List did not conform to the "Short Text" setting for Difference Viewer windows.
  • The Difference Viewer window did not always have a correct title.
  • Cut and Paste did not work in the SQL Window in Single Record View.
  • Code Assistant would display urowid parameters as "Unknown type 104".
  • Table Definition Editor Index Column Selector would convert string expressions to lowercase.
  • Entering a value with square brackets when executing a template would interpret the square brackets as a variable.
  • Key Configuration items for File / New / Program Window were missing.
  • The Command Window BEAUTIFY <file> command did not conform to the Files / Format / Linebreaks preference.
  • Using the "SQL Window: Hide Editor" function would incorrectly reposition the vertical splitter.
  • The Debugger did not always show correct variable values in local subprograms.
  • Object Browser Filter "My invalid objects" would raise ORA-00918 when opening the Triggers folder.
  • Clicking on Window List items did not always work correctly after changing the display.
  • Fixes for multiple monitors with different display scaling (file selector, print dialogs, MDI window title bars, scrollbar width) were not available in the 64 bit version.
  • The "Close unused connections" preference could cause delays when closing a window or when changing the main connection.
  • The Quick Access Toolbar in Full Screen mode on Microsoft Windows 10 was transparent.
Built-in version control support for Git and Subversion

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