HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint 16.7

Includes modern pages compatibility, improved data processing, and updated reports.
July 24, 2020 - 15:03
New Version


  • Added: Modern Page web part for Microsoft SharePoint 2016, 2019.
  • Added: New policies for modern web parts - "restCacheLimit" to configure the cache size accessible by HarePoint Analytics reports.
  • Added: Database version check before "Processor of message queue" timer job starts. If the version of the database does not correspond with the version of the required libraries the timer job does not start.
  • Updated: Mobile devices, browsers, and platforms parsers.
  • Updated: Geolocation database download link.
  • Added: Setting for report subscription email priority policy. "mailpriority" Policy. Values - high, normal, low.
  • Added: "Source page" filter for "Content popularity" report (works only on daily reports).
  • Added: "Bounces" and "Bounce rate" fields for "Sites summary" report in site collection level as well as in "Site collection summary" and "Sites summary" in farm-level reports (central admin).
  • Added: Vendor column in "Mobile devices" report. Removed drill-down filter in device version report as irrelevant.


  • Fixed: Error in ribbon date filter for "Preceding Three Month", "Half of a Year" and "Year" periods.
  • Corrected: Visual appearance of the report period selectors are generalized for regular reports and webpart reports.
  • Fixed: Data collection errors resulting in Access denied error.
  • Fixed: Erroneous server requests the users of which cannot be identified (user data is missing in the request) are logged as anonymous requests without generating errors in the ULS log.
  • Fixed: "Visits" report for "Mobile devices", "Browsers", "Platforms", "Length of visits", "Depth of visits" reports for sites with sub-sites.
HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

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