Eyeshot Professional 2020.3.428

Polylines and arcs in place of thousands of micro linear segments in VectorViews.
September 08, 2020 - 8:27
New Version


  • Super-fast zoom and pan on complex views.
  • Super-fast geometry snapping on complex views.
  • Top-quality vector views: polylines and arcs in place of thousands of micro linear segments.
  • Added associativity between Brep edges and VectorView items.
  • Reduced memory footprint of Drawings environment.
  • Increased VectorView rebuild speed.
  • Improved printing quality with text as text and arc as arc.
  • Improved VectorView rebuild progress notification and interruption.
  • Added the ability to edit and add dimensions while other views are rebuilding.
  • Improved PaperSpace sample with support for angular and ordinate dimensions and the ability to edit views.
  • Improved DrawingsUserControl for changing individual view properties (hidden lines, position, colors, scale) and for creating dimensions inside the VectorView block.
  • Improved quality of copy to clipboard and EMF export/output.
  • Improved quality of Drawings DWG/DXF export.
  • Added 3D mouse support in the Drawings environment.
  • Improved processing of Drawings printing.
  • Improved drawing of selected and pending rebuild views.
  • Added view placeholder when a rebuild is pending.
  • Revamped PaperSpace sample promoted to PaperDemo.
  • Updated ODA libraries to version 2021.4.
  • Added LinearPath.ExtrudeAsMesh, Solid, Surface and BRep for sheet metal flanges.
Eyeshot Professional

Eyeshot Professional

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