MindFusion.Java Swing Pack 2020.R1

Improves Diagramming, Scheduling and Spreadsheet controls.
November 27, 2020 - 15:59
New Version



  • SVG nodes - Added SVG nodes which can display SVG drawings in addition to the rendering provided by its base ShapeNode class.
  • Diagrams can now be serialized in JSON files.
  • Miscellaneous
    • ImagePadding property of ShapeNode, TableNode and Cell lets you set padding space between element's borders and the contained Image.
    • FoldIconSize property added to ContainerNode.
    • Tag property added to the Cell class lets you associate custom data with cells.
    • The MoveNodes behavior allows grabbing nodes to drag them without using adjustment handles.
    • Added a new createDiagramLink overload of the Factory class which makes it easier to create links between TreeViewNode items.

MindFusion Virtual Keyboard

  • Added support for Input Method Editor (IME) mode and Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) languages.
    • The component now supports general IME mode that maps raw input sequence to dictionary entries.
    • The component now parses IME tables from the Linux Ibus project to implement various Chinese transliteration systems.
    • The LoadImeTable can parse tables from Google's mozc project to convert Hiragana to Kanji.


  • Axis origin - New property lets you specify the origin of a chart axis.
  • Added the FunctionSeries class which represents a series that calculates its values from a mathematical expression.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added DataLabelsBorderStroke, DataLabelsBorderDashStyle, DataLabelsBorderThickness properties to the Theme class which allows you to display and customize borders around data labels.
    • Added DataLabelsBackground property to Theme class which specifies the background of data labels.
    • Added ToolTips property to the SimpleSeries class which specifies the tooltips for data values.
    • Added new and updated sample projects.
    • Added new StemWidth property to FunnelChart.


  • Schedules can now be serialized in JSON format.
  • The library now includes several standard forms for editing object properties.
    • AppointmentForm can be used to create or edit Appointment instances.
    • RecurrenceForm for Recurrence instances.
    • TaskForm for Task instances.
  • Added the ability to display a list of prototype schedule items, and lets user create new items based on them by drag-and-drop.


  • The standard forms from com.mindfusion.spreadsheet.standardforms package can now be localized via XML translation files containing UI labels for respective languages.
    • Translations for German, Spanish, French, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese can be found inside the localization folder of the library's distribution.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added the ability to drag-select cells to enter a range while editing in formula bar.
    • Added new worksheetCellParsing event which lets you replace values entered by users or change their data type.
    • Added the ability to limit a spreadsheet's scroll range by setting MaxRows and MaxColumns properties.
    • The drawCell event now specifies the origin of the merged range as an argument, instead of the first visible cell from a merged range.
    • When a cell's format is set to percentage, the cell's entry box automatically appends % suffix (as in Microsoft Excel).
    • Added drawCell event which lets you render custom graphics inside cells.
    • Added ActiveBorderPen property which lets you customize the borders of the ActiveCell.
    • Improved scrolling speed.
    • Added TabBackground property which specifies a worksheet's tab background.
    • Added ArrowActions property which lets you specify the action of arrow buttons in the tab strip.
    • Added new resizeRowsToFit overloads which lets you set the default size of empty rows.
    • Added queryDropDownList event which lets you provide custom values for the validation drop-down.
    • Validation dropdown can now display values from a named range.
    • Improved render quality of embedded pictures.
    • Improved Microsoft Excel import performance by setting a shared DocumentBuilder object.
    • Added several fixed default values in Microsoft Excel import/export.
    • Canceling edit operation from inplaceEditEnding event handler now keeps the active cell.
    • The activatingCell event allows overriding cell navigation.
    • Added support for mnemonics in translation files.
    • Pressing ESC in formula bar cancels editing.
    • Added dynamic layout and sizing in standard forms.
    • resizeRowsToFit now works for rows containing merged cells.
    • Click-selecting merged cells while editing formulas now selects first cell's address.
MindFusion.Java Swing Pack

MindFusion.Java Swing Pack

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