MindFusion.Java Swing Pack

MindFusion.Java Swing Pack includes Java components for time management, rich diagramming and stylish dashboards. Features include diagrams with automatic layouts and interaction, spreadsheets with formulas, graphics and cell formats and functionality to organize tasks and appointments.

MindFusion.Java Swing Pack Features

  • Diagrams - Contains more than 100 predefined nodes shapes, an impressive set of automatic layouts to arrange the chart and numerous style and appearance settings. User interaction is handled by a rich event set and you can import and export your diagrams in a variety of formats.
  • Spreadsheets - Create and customize complex worksheets with formulas, graphics and different cell formats. The library offers a set of importers and exporters that allow you to convert...

Latest News

MindFusion.Java Swing Pack 2023.R1
MindFusion.Java Swing Pack 2023.R1
June 15, 2023New Version
Improves Diagramming, Spreadsheet and Virtual Keyboard.
MindFusion.Java Swing Pack 2022.R2
MindFusion.Java Swing Pack 2022.R2
September 2, 2022New Version
Diagramming control adds the ability to display multiple captions for a single diagram node.
MindFusion.Java Swing Pack 2022.R1
MindFusion.Java Swing Pack 2022.R1
March 31, 2022New Version
Adds new TowerChart component to render series side-by-side and compare data sequence and size.
MindFusion.Java Swing Pack 2021.R1
MindFusion.Java Swing Pack 2021.R1
September 8, 2021New Version
Improves Scheduling, Spreadsheet, Charting and Diagramming controls.
MindFusion.Java Swing Pack 2020.R1
MindFusion.Java Swing Pack 2020.R1
November 27, 2020New Version
Improves Diagramming, Scheduling and Spreadsheet controls.
MindFusion.Java Swing Pack 2019.R1
MindFusion.Java Swing Pack 2019.R1
May 22, 2019New Version
Diagramming adds Button, CheckBox, Edit, NumericEdit, Slider and Spinner CompositeNode components.

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Developer License - Licenses are perpetual. One license is required per developer. You are NOT required to pay any additional distribution, runtime, royalty, or per-end-user license fees. Site-wide...

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