B4i (iOS) v7.00

Adds new libraries tab.
January 29, 2021 - 16:33
New Version


  • Added new libraries tab.
  • The Find all references feature has been rewritten and it can now handle complex references.
  • Various IDE notifications now also appear in the logs.
  • #CustomBuildAction - Added direct support for jar files, including Java 11+ UI jars.
  • B4X version of KeyValueStore has been added as an internal library.
  • Added new indicators to help you understand code flow with resumable subs.
  • Updated internal libraries: iMedia, iCore, iFirebaseAnalytics, iFirebaseNotifications, iWebSocket, iXUI, iNetwork, B4XCollections, B4XPages, iHttpUtils2, BCTextEngine, B4XDrawer and XUI Views.
  • Project size is now displayed in the compilation output.
  • Apple Xcode 12 is required if using a local builder.
New Libraries tab

B4i (iOS)

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