B4i (iOS)

B4i (iOS) includes all the features needed to develop native iOS apps. Compiled applications are native iOS applications, there is no extra run-time or any dependencies. B4i follows the same concepts as B4A, allowing you to reuse most of the code and build apps for both Android and iOS. B4i is one of the only developments tools that allows you to develop native iOS apps without a local Mac computer.

B4i requires that you have an Apple developer account and an iOS device running iOS 7 or higher.

The compilation process requires a Mac computer. You can either use a local Mac computer or use Anywhere Software's Hosted Mac Builder service (paid for annually). Note that if you use a local Mac computer then you can develop with the iOS simulator which does not require an Apple developer account.

Anywhere Software Hosted Mac Builder
The builder service allows you to develop iOS applications...

Latest News

B4i (iOS) v8.10
B4i (iOS) v8.10
Adds support for Apple Xcode 14.
B4i (iOS) v8.00
B4i (iOS) v8.00
New 64 bit IDE improves performance, especially with large projects.
B4i (iOS) v7.80
B4i (iOS) v7.80
Adds support for Apple Xcode 13 and long hex literals.
B4i (iOS) v7.50
B4i (iOS) v7.50
Adds new language features and support for class templates.
B4i (iOS) v7.20
B4i (iOS) v7.20
Adds support for installing apps with Apple Configurator 2.
B4i (iOS) v7.00
B4i (iOS) v7.00
Adds new libraries tab.

Prices from: $ 57.82

One software license is required per developer. Applications created with B4i (iOS) are owned by the developer not Anywhere Software. Hosted Mac Builder is licensed on an annual basis. To continue to...

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Operating System for Deployment
  • Mac iOS 10+

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Matias F Argentina5 star

Excellent development tool. If you are an old school programmer, you can adapt very quickly and develop applications easily.

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