B4i (iOS) Releases

July 11, 2019

Updates in v5.80


  • Bookmarks and breakpoints are listed in the modules tree.
  • Auto bookmarks feature:
    • Recent code positions and designer layouts appear as tabs in the window title.
    • The IDE decides on the list of tabs based on several factors (recency, modifications and others).
    • The list is saved together with the project and restored when the project is loaded.
    • The window can be dragged directly from the tabs.
  • Auto backup improvements:
    • Project is saved before backup, based on the auto save option.
    • Project...
January 17, 2019

Updates in v5.50


  • Starting with B4i v5.50, a new type of library is available - b4x libraries:
    • XUI Views - Cross platform views and dialogs.
    • X2 games framework - Game engine.
    • B4XCollections - Adds several cross platform collections.
  • Auto-backups - The IDE now makes project backups automatically.
  • Go to the code line directly from logs.
May 17, 2018

Updates in v5.00


  • Resumable subs in debug mode are optimized in the same way other subs are optimized.
  • Runtime performance improvements including: for loop optimizations, inlined methods, direct field access for properties and others. These improvements can make a huge difference in processor intensive tasks.

    As an example, the number of drawings per second with BitmapCreator:
  • V4.8:
    • Draw smilies from BitmapCreator (skip blending): 81,000 per second.
    • Draw smilies from BitmapCreator (with blending...
January 16, 2018

Updates in v4.80


  • Several important components were rewritten to provide more features and better performance:
    • Visual designer properties grid.
    • Visual designer views tree.
    • Modules tree (new component).
    • Files tree.
  • Code modules can be loaded from other folders and can be easily shared between projects (including projects targeting other platforms).
  • Modules and file tree support grouping.
  • Modules are monitored for external changes.
  • Files tree shows the files icons and allows opening the files with external...
October 23, 2017

Updates in v4.40


  • Xcode 9 compatibility.
  • Better managements of icons and launch images:
    • Icons and launch images are packaged in an assets catalog.
    • All missing icons are created automatically from the new 1024x1024 app store icon.
  • Support for iPhone X layouts.
  • iNet library updated to work with 'Wait For'.


  • Known issues with iOS 11 fixed.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.
May 24, 2017

Updates in v4.01


  • Resumable subs - Wait For / Sleep:
    [B4X] SQL with Wait For.
    [B4X] OkHttpUtils2 with Wait For.
  • CSBuilder - Builder for attributed strings. Similar to B4A CSBuilder.
  • Debugger improvements:
    • Better handling of multiple installed debug apps.
    • Bug fixes and better logging.
    • Deployment process improved. Auto installation is now the default.
    • SetDebugAutoFlushLogs keyword. When enabled a short pause is added in debug mode when internal logs are printed. This is useful for debugging hard crashes...
October 25, 2016

Updates in v3.00


  • The docking and layout features are based on a new and improved framework. Floating code editors behave as regular windows.
  • Documentation tool tips while hovering over code elements.
  • Copy links in the tool tips that allow copying code examples.
  • Support for bookmarks.
  • New themes.
  • Keychain handling was updated as required by Mac Sierra to allow non-intrusive deployments.
  • URLs in comments and strings are ctrl-clickable.
  • Unused libraries warning.
  • Custom views support "nullable colors...
October 18, 2015

Updates in v2.31

  • Advanced optimizations were added to the debugger which significantly improve the debugger performance.
  • It is now possible to upload applications to iTunes Connect from the hosted builder.
  • Added support for Xcode 7.
  • PageViewController - Controller that contains multiple Pages and allows the user to switch between the pages with a swipe gesture.
  • Refresh button in the designer files tab. Copies the designer files to the device. This is useful when you modify an existing file...