B4i (iOS) Releases

Released: Oct 27, 2021

Updates in v7.80


  • Added support for Apple Xcode 13.
  • Added support for long hex literal numbers: 0xff00ff00ff00.
  • Added new methods:
    • Bit.OrLong.
    • Bit.AndLong.
    • Bit.XorLong.
    • Bit.ShiftLeftLong.
    • Bit.ShiftRightLong.
    • Bit.NotLong.
    • Bit.UnsignedShiftRightLong.
    • Bit.ParseLong.
  • Added stable sort List.SortType which means that equal items will now retain their order. It allows sorting by multiple fields.
  • Added Json.ToCompactString method.
  • Compiler now verifies that the certificate and the provision profile match during...

Released: Jul 13, 2021

Updates in v7.50


  • Added new language features:
    • IIf - Inline If, also called ternary if as it is an operator with three arguments.
    • As - Inline casting. Allows inline casting from one type to another.
  • b4xlibs now support class templates which makes it possible to add B4XPages classes from B4i.
  • Updated internal libraries:
    • iWebSocket.
    • iFirebaseAuth.
    • iFacebook.
    • iDebug2.
    • iCore.


  • IDE performance - Several cases where the typing speed became slow have been fixed. The speed difference in those cases is...

Released: Mar 11, 2021

Updates in v7.20


  • Added new B4X libraries index.
  • Added support for installing apps with Apple Configurator 2.
  • Builder has been updated with new Apple intermediate certificate.


  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Released: Jan 28, 2021

Updates in v7.00


  • Added new libraries tab.
  • The Find all references feature has been rewritten and it can now handle complex references.
  • Various IDE notifications now also appear in the logs.
  • #CustomBuildAction - Added direct support for jar files, including Java 11+ UI jars.
  • B4X version of KeyValueStore has been added as an internal library.
  • Added new indicators to help you understand code flow with resumable subs.
  • Updated internal libraries: iMedia, iCore, iFirebaseAnalytics, iFirebaseNotifications...

Released: Jul 13, 2020

Updates in v6.80


  • Adds new Project templates for B4x - The new templates feature will make it simpler for developers to get started with B4X, and will also make it simpler to use B4XPages and other frameworks.
  • Comment links - Code comments can include clickable links.
  • Add New Module - Option to add the module in the parent folder. Useful for cross platform projects.
  • New project dialog -Note that when the IDE is opened it starts with no editor, until you load or create a new project.
  • Updated / new...

Released: Mar 2, 2020

Updates in v6.50


  • Internal WebView is now based on WKWebView. There is also a new EvaluateJavaScript method.
  • Launch images were removed and replaced with a launch story board. In most cases you can keep the default white one as apps start very quickly anyway.
  • With this change the apps will run with the full resolution on all devices.
  • HttpJob.ErrorMessage returns the server response when there are errors and the response is still available.
  • IDE shows messages about available updates.
  • All the IDE windows...

Released: Dec 12, 2019

Updates in v6.30


  • Find all references, quick search and find subs / modules tool windows were rewritten and are now syntax colored, the text can be selected and you can jump directly to the selected position.
  • Subs code appears in the quick info windows (this code can also be selected).
  • 'Show Sub in Window' allows showing subs in a floating window.
  • Warnings and errors do not hide other information in the window.
  • Copy warnings from list of warnings.
  • Generate 'Create Type' Sub.
  • Copy events.
  • Modules list is...

Released: Sep 16, 2019

Updates in v6.00


  • Improvements:
    • Support for copying and pasting controls between the platforms.
    • Ctrl + Click in the designer script to select the control.
    • Anchors checker.
    • Generate B4XViews from the designer. Also supports changing the type of already declared variables.
    • Improved tool tips, add views from the views tree and other small improvements in the designer.
    • Empty lines will not be copied to the clipboard.
    • Regions are listed in the subs list.
    • Latest versions of Firebase and Facebook libraries...

Released: Jul 11, 2019

Updates in v5.80


  • Bookmarks and breakpoints are listed in the modules tree.
  • Auto bookmarks feature:
    • Recent code positions and designer layouts appear as tabs in the window title.
    • The IDE decides on the list of tabs based on several factors (recency, modifications and others).
    • The list is saved together with the project and restored when the project is loaded.
    • The window can be dragged directly from the tabs.
  • Auto backup improvements:
    • Project is saved before backup, based on the auto save option.
    • Project...

Released: Jan 17, 2019

Updates in v5.50


  • Starting with B4i v5.50, a new type of library is available - b4x libraries:
    • XUI Views - Cross platform views and dialogs.
    • X2 games framework - Game engine.
    • B4XCollections - Adds several cross platform collections.
  • Auto-backups - The IDE now makes project backups automatically.
  • Go to the code line directly from logs.