Eyeshot Professional 2021

Adds PDF import, native Hatch entity and improved small text rendering.
February 09, 2021 - 12:35
New Version



  • Hatch entity.
  • BOM and Balloons.
  • Improved VectorView selection, you can now change curve properties without setting the View current.
  • ArcDimension import (as angular) from DWG/DXF.

Proprietary File Format

  • Multi-file read/write. Added the ability to read/write assemblies from/to disk as one file per block.
  • Lazy loading. Allows Table of Context only loading of a complex assembly, leaving to the user the ability to load a single assembly component at time.


  • Manufacture environment with classes for defining milling setups, tools, 2x milling strategies, leads & ramps and stocks. Manufacture environment includes material removal simulation with true sweeps for ball, bull nose and flat end mills.


  • ReadPDF class to import vector drawings from PDF documents.
  • Redesigned Eyeshot control resize.
  • ObjectManipulator label.
  • WorkManager, an asynchronous WorkUnit queue manager.
  • NVidia Grid support.
  • Improved small text rendering.


  • Stock & SimulationStock.
  • MachiningPlane & MachiningBoundary.
  • Hatch.
  • Balloon.
  • FastMesh entity, a Vertex Buffer Object based mesh.
Acrobat PDF import result

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