ActiveReports.NET 15.1

Adds support for section reports on Linux and conditional formatting in charts.
April 28, 2021 - 10:19
New Version


  • Section Reports on Linux - This release includes several enhancements to the Section Reports rendering engine that allow you to deploy your application to a Linux server.
  • Custom Font Resolving - Pass custom fonts via an API so your Page, RDL, and Section Reports display with the right fonts on Linux.
  • JSViewer Performance Improvements - Improved rendering speed when exporting HTML by building the layout and exporting each report page in parallel.
  • PDF/UA Enhancements - Previously, when using the Read Aloud feature, images in accessible PDFs were read as the name of the control, such as "Picture 1". In an effort to make PDF documents more accessible, this release adds a new 'Title' property to the Image control.
  • Conditional Formatting in Charts - You can now use expressions in charts to conditionally change the text or appearance of Chart labels, tooltips, and data points.
  • Radar Chart Template - Radar charts, also known as Spider charts, are a great way to display multivariate data in a two-dimensional visualization.
  • Extended Page Break Properties - With Page and RDL reports, you have more page break options when grouping in a data region such as a Table.
  • Dynamic Table Column Widths - Imagine that you have a Table in your report and you want to hide one or more columns based on a condition. While this has always been possible to do with ActiveReports using expressions, table width would shrink when columns were hidden. To address this, this release adds a new property, AutoWidth, to the Table control's column property. Setting this property to Proportional renders a much cleaner table that maintains its original size by automatically expanding the column's width.
Conditional Formatting in Charts


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