Help & Manual Premium Pack 4.2.0

Add code samples to your documentation with a Copy to Clipboard link.
June 09, 2021 - 10:36
New Version


  • Code Sample Box: All skins now include a Code Sample Box feature. This enables you to add programming code samples to your documentation in a box with a Copy to Clipboard link that copies the sample code directly to the Microsoft Windows Clipboard. This even works in CHM files.
  • Import/Export Styles: The Toolbox utility has a new Import/Export Styles feature, with which you can import individual text, paragraph and table styles to Help+Manual projects from other projects and style files created with the tool.
  • Validate XML against XSD: The Toolbox utility now validates XML against the XSD schema file included with every Help+Manual project. This prevents the accidental creation of invalid HM XML when working on the XML source code, for example with the search and replace tool.
  • jQuery Update: All skins have been updated to the latest 3.6 version of jQuery.
  • Toolbox Utility Changes:
    • XML validation against XSD: This checks all projects and skins you open and prevents the creation of invalid XML.
    • Import/Export Styles tool: Import individual styles to Help+Manual projects from other projects or style files exported with the tool.
    • Edit Preferences: A message is now displayed in Edit Preferences explaining that all current projects and skins need to be closed to change some options.
    • Several cosmetic changes, like showing a red explanation that you need to close all projects to be able to edit the disabled preferences in Edit > Preferences.
  • V3 and V4 WebHelp Skins:
    • Embedded Help: Added a new option which enables you to leave the WebHelp header visible when opening help embedded in another web page.
Help & Manual Premium Pack

Help & Manual Premium Pack

Add professionally designed skins to your Help and Manual projects.

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