LightningChart JS v3.3.0

Adds several new chart types, including Geospatial Data Map and 3D Ellipsoid.
December 02, 2021 - 15:27
New Version


  • WebGL 2 Support - LightningChart JS v.3.3.0 is now fully compatible with WebGL 2.
  • Image Fill Styles - This release includes the Image Fit Styles feature that will allow users to place external images and videos inside charts. This is particularly helpful when trying to customize your project with backgrounds and image markers.
  • Added new Geospatial Data Map Chart - Based on a background map with a heatmap laid over it.
  • Added new 3D Ellipsoid Chart - A 3D version of the current confidence ellipses visualization. This chart is widely used in statistics to visualize, e.g., outliers in the dataset.
  • Dynamic Dashboard - Allows users to dynamically add/remove charts from a view to perform interactive analyses on different data sources.
  • Added new Office Wi-Fi Strength Chart.
  • Added new Temperature Anomaly Chart.
  • Added new Surface Chart types:
    • JS intensity surface grid chart.
    • JS audio spectrogram 2D and 3D chart.
    • JS chunked surface grid chart.
    • JS 3D surface grid chart.
    • JS surface partial invalidation chart.
  • Performance Improvements and Further Optimizations in 2D Heatmaps:
    • For static heatmaps, rendering capacity has increased from 1.2 billion data points to 5.6 billion.
    • Loading speed has increased by 250%.
    • Empty heatmap loading speed has increased by 10x.
    • Overall performance for refreshing and appending heatmaps has been significantly improved.
  • Optimized Surface 3D Grid Series:
    • When performing a test iteration using a powerful desktop device, Static Surface charts can process 130 million data points in 1 second.
    • For Refreshing Surface charts, LightningChart JS can handle 1 million data points per refresh at 60 FPS with only 16% CPU usage.
    • For Appending Surface charts with a dimension of 2 million data points have a refresh rate of 55.0 FPS at a minimum CPU usage of 2.5%.
  • Other Improvements:
    • Line Series anti-aliasing supports a clearer and sharper look, especially on high-resolution displays.
    • A new animation has been added to the Chart3D mouse wheel zoom interaction.
    • Added new methods to better customize SpiderChart and Time tick labels formatting.
    • Additional enhancements to the ZoomBandChart include:
      • Automatically matching the tick strategy of the attached axis.
      • Automatically aligns with the attached axes.
      • Now supports attaching to multiple axes.
      • Now supports static heatmap series.
    • Padding improvements to the default look of the charts.
    • The right padding of the ChartXY has been slightly increased to avoid ticks out of the view.
    • The left padding of the UICheckBox has also increased slightly for a better visual look.
    • Axis3D animations are now enabled without affecting performance.
    • The resizing chart usability in user applications has been solved. Users no longer need to handle resizing logic by themselves.
    • Amendments have been made to the visual look of the axis ticks.
    • Improved Line Series performance when refreshing applications, e.g., decaying line chart.
    • Improved performance of 3D charts when rotating the camera with automatic fitting enabled.
Geospatial Data Map Chart

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