VisualSP Enterprise - December 2021 release

Includes in-context help updates for Teams, Outlook and Excel.
January 13, 2022 - 11:02
New Version


  • New
    • Microsoft Excel - Make a spreadsheet Read Only.
    • Microsoft Excel - Manage your call settings in Teams.
    • Microsoft Outlook - Open Immersive Reader for Outlook.
    • Microsoft Teams - Share an email to Teams from Outlook.
    • Microsoft SharePoint Online - View and cancel an alert for myself or another person.
    • Microsoft SharePoint Online - Edit images in SharePoint.
    • Microsoft OneDrive - Edit images in OneDrive.
    • Microsoft Excel Online - Show scroll bars in Excel.
    • Microsoft Word Online - Show scroll bars in Word.
    • Microsoft SharePoint Online - Delete a document library.
    • Yammer - Share and move conversations.
VisualSP Enterprise

VisualSP Enterprise

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