Eyeshot Ultimate 2022

Adds 2D Constraint Solver and SketchEntity.
February 11, 2022
New Version


  • Geometric kernel / UI separation (stage I) - In this stage, Eyeshot entities were separated by their UI representation. A lot of code has been moved to Geometry assembly and it is recommended to access it from Entity.Primitive property.
  • Minimum Framerate and Progressive Drawing - Eyeshot can now load and spin geometry of any complexity removing small objects and adding them back progressively once the end-user stops moving. This process ends when the model drawing is completed and prevents any UI block during geometry navigation.
  • New transparency in Assembly Edit mode - Old transparency was affected by the alpha saturation issue with huge assemblies. In Eyeshot 2022, inactive assembly components use an impressive flat alpha blending.
  • 2D Constraint Solver and SketchEntity - Eyeshot 2022 includes a professional 2D constraint solver that can be used for different purposes: 2D parametric sketches, mechanism design, adding features to existing BRep objects and history-based parametric modeling.
  • Histogram UI element - Introduced to display FEM mesh element quality, the Histogram UI element can now be used for customer application-specific needs.
  • NURBS curve to Line/Arc conversion - A new method in Geometry.Utility class is available to convert NURBS curves in a CompositeCurve that includes arcs and lines only.
  • Lead and Ramp colors - Toolpath entity now supports lead and ramp colors (and distinct feed/speed).
  • Contour Offset - Improved offset robustness of planar open/closed contours that contain lines/arcs only.
  • Region Booleans - Improved booleans robustness of planar regions.
  • Redesigned Licensing - The Unlock() call has been moved to LicenseManager class.
  • New Installer - Added a new MSI-based installer with code samples located in the installation Bin folder. Setup files are now considerably smaller.
  • Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 and Microsoft Windows 11.
  • New Samples
    • Sketcher - Demonstrates how to use the 2D constraint solver from UI, including sketch extrude and assembly navigation to specific component/BRep.
    • Workspaces - Demonstrates how Eyeshot workspaces (formerly called Environments) work seamlessly on the same geometry. It also shows how to define 2D parametric sketches, vector views, FEA study, and 3-axis machining programmatically.
Eyeshot Ultimate

Eyeshot Ultimate

Add CAD capabilities to your .NET applications including NURBS and BRep modeling, IGES/STEP and CAM.

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