VisualSP Enterprise - May 2022 release

Adds the ability to bulk upload help items.
June 08, 2022 - 16:16
New Version


Product Updates

  • Updated tab remove text in Microsoft Teams.
  • Reworked scroll logic for walkthrough element.
  • Added a new filter by browser option.
  • Improved error message output for web part.
  • Added toggle to banner configuration to keep auto-load functionality active.
  • Changed the default location of the banner to the bottom.
  • Updated cache configuration numbers.
  • Added FindTime to the Calendar app scope.
  • Moved the Ask Vic settings section from Subscriptions to Applications page.
  • Changed the default to On for the Block or Enable URLs toggle in the Ask Vic settings.
  • Updated cache settings for saved subscriptions.
  • Added the ability to bulk upload help items.
  • Removed tooltip from Microsoft 365 VisualSP help icon in suite bar.

Content Updates

  • New
    • Microsoft SharePoint Online
      • Duplicate a SharePoint page.
      • Use a different page for your SharePoint site home page.
    • Microsoft Email
      • Turn message alert pop-up on or off.
    • Calendar
      • Cancel a meeting in a series.
    • Microsoft Teams
      • Using tags.
    • Microsoft Excel Online
      • Create and print mailing labels for an address list.
      • Create a task from a Teams message.
      • Show or hide gridlines on a worksheet.
VisualSP Enterprise

VisualSP Enterprise

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