Advanced Installer 19.8.0

Includes a quicker and simpler way to manage advanced shortcuts to files and folders.
August 19, 2022 - 10:33
New Version


  • Added a new way to manage advanced shortcuts to files and folders.
    • This release comes with four types of links (Hard Link to File, Symbolic Link to File, Symbolic Link to Directory, and Directory Junction) to help you save time when creating a link to a file or folder.
    • Forget about using traditional methods such as copying or moving files around on your computer to generate backup files or applying custom actions to build advanced shortcuts.
    • Use the advanced shortcuts for files and folders, and generate these links straight from the GUI without having to write any code.
  • Convert Path wizard improvements: You can now make a clear distinction between the options "Run from Home tab" and "Run from Files and Folders".
  • Improved "Failed to correctly acquire file. CRC error" message.
  • Added predefined support to delete files that are in use.
  • Now displays a warning at MSIX/APPX build time if the Start Page HTML encoding is UTF-16.
  • UX improvement: Made the search boxes from the "Prerequisites" view more visible.
  • Updated Microsoft .NET Core prerequisites to version 3.1.28.
  • Update Microsoft .NET 6.0 prerequisites to version 6.0.8.
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