Advanced Installer Architect

Advanced Installer Architect is a Windows Installer authoring tool. It offers a friendly and easy to use Graphical User Interface for creating and maintaining installation packages (EXE, MSI, etc.) based on the Windows Installer technology.

Advanced Installer Features

  • Installer and Uninstaller - Create packages that completely install and register, respectively uninstall and unregister, your application .
  • Always valid MSI 2.0/3.x/4.x/5.0 packages - Each written and unwritten Windows Installer rule, recommendation and best practice is carefully followed.
  • Wizard for Simple Project creation - Use the provided wizard to create complete Windows Installer MSI installs in mere minutes.
  • Add/Remove (Control Panel) customization - Customize...

Latest News

Optimize MSIX Deployment with External Shortcuts
Optimize MSIX Deployment with External Shortcuts
February 9, 2024Product Update
Advanced Installer V21.4 gains the capability to target external application shortcuts to files or URLs, optimizing the deployment process.
Streamline Installation Customization with .NET
Streamline Installation Customization with .NET
November 15, 2023Product Update
Advanced Installer 21.2 empowers developers to seamlessly integrate .NET and .NET Framework code into their Windows installations, enhancing flexibility and control.
Safely Test Installations Directly within Windows Sandbox
Safely Test Installations Directly within Windows Sandbox
October 9, 2023Product Update
Advanced Installer 21.1 allows you to utilize a secure and isolated environment for your installation testing needs.
Advanced Installer 21.1
Advanced Installer 21.1
October 5, 2023New Version
Test your installation packages directly within Windows Sandbox.
Advanced Installer 21.0
Advanced Installer 21.0
September 7, 2023New Version
Create modernized and branded MSI installers beyond classical design boundaries.
Advanced Installer 20.9
Advanced Installer 20.9
August 1, 2023New Version
Simplifies shortcut creation and management, eliminating the need for custom scripts or code.

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Perpetual License: Licensed per-user. This means that a Named User who owns the license may install and use the software on up to five computers (including operating systems and Virtual Machine...

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Advanced Installer IDE Compatibility
  • Windows 7 or newer

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