Advanced Installer Architect Releases

Released: Mar 8, 2023

Updates in 20.4.1


  • Advanced Installer 20.4 installation failure on Windows Server 2012.
  • Shortcuts sometimes getting duplicated on project rebuild.
  • Updates project not loaded correctly in Visual Studio extension.

Released: Mar 2, 2023

Updates in 20.4


  • Added a new App Installer theme.
  • MSIX Context Menu - Now automatically synced with your File Associations options.
  • Added command line support for editing a shortcut and adding the "Pin to taskbar" option for the "/NewShortcut" command.
  • Improved desktop shortcut support for MSIX.
  • Improved the way synced folder updates at build time are handled - only synced folders that are part of scheduled builds will be updated.
  • Added support for changing the logo for the Serene theme in the "Themes...

Released: Feb 14, 2023

Updates in 20.3.2


  • Build failed for new projects with permissions configurations for registry.
  • Fixed DPI issues for some users with multiple displays.

Released: Feb 7, 2023

Updates in 20.3.1


  • Repackager UI was not correctly displayed on higher DPI.
  • Edit App-V Package option was not working.
  • Adding an MSIX build failed after importing an App-V package.
  • Advanced Installer unexpectedly closed when deleting an item from the list of recent projects.
  • The apostrophe character was not correctly escaped, corrupting the project file.

Released: Jan 30, 2023

Updates in 20.3


  • The Start Page UI is now based on WinUI and includes improved navigation, a new layout, and enhanced visuals to improve the application's overall user experience.
  • Added predefined support to downgrade setups.
  • You can now request assistance via the Help menu.
  • You can now automatically capture screenshots during repackaging in a PDF or HTML file.
  • Added the option to customize EXE metadata for Java applications.
  • You can now bundle Sparse Package with MSI.
  • Replaced "InstallDlg" with...

Released: Jan 17, 2023

Updates in 20.2.1


  • The command line build randomly failed with error -1073740940 / FFFFFFFFC0000374 in projects with a KeyVault hosted certificate.

Released: Dec 14, 2022

Updates in 20.2


  • Added new predefined theme for Web Installers: Serene Theme.
  • Added an Asset Generator for tiles.
  • Added new GUI option to enable digital signing for custom action binaries.
  • Added Microsoft Visual Studio extension support for digital signatures.
  • Added a new Firewall Rule to block the connection of a specific application.
  • Added the ability to display the architecture for each package when browsing to installed MSIX packages in the "Dependencies" view.
  • Added support for generating assets...

Released: Nov 23, 2022

Updates in 20.1.1


  • Deleting or moving a custom action was crashing the application for some users.

Released: Nov 16, 2022

Updates in 20.1


  • Bitness detection in Microsoft Office application launch conditions.
  • Microsoft PowerShell Automation for Operations property in predefined folders.
  • Updated MSIX schema for 22H2.
  • Added new option to retrieve version from Assembly version.
  • Improved warning message regarding duplicate filenames for TXT updates.
  • Added predefined prerequisites for Microsoft .NET 7.0.
  • Updated "Java Development Kit" launch condition to the latest version "Java SE 19".
  • Updated .NET and .NET Core prerequisites...

Released: Oct 18, 2022

Updates in 20.0


  • New Repackager Automation and MSIX Compatibility Framework enables your team to automatically analyze and convert applications to MSIX.
  • Support for parallel downloading and installation (with progress) of prerequisites.
  • Customize location when running Microsoft PowerShell scripts.
  • PowerShell automation support for adding 'PowershellScriptFile'.
  • PowerShell automation support for adding chained packages.
  • Security improvement: You can now protect EXE setups from loading tampered versions...