Advanced Installer 19.9

Execute scripts before or after installing a prerequisite.
September 21, 2022 - 9:57
New Version


  • Execute scripts before or after installing a prerequisite.
  • Added predefined 'Custom Actions' for working with List Box, List View and Check List controls.
  • Added LZMA compression for web installer packages.
  • Command line support for adding a Temporary Folder projects.
  • Display language selection dialog when enabling the 'Test Maintenance UI' option.
  • Improved custom actions icons to distinguish them better.
  • Support for importing App-V 5.x packages from the command line.
  • Display tooltips when pre-validating edit fields.
  • Added built-in localized property for SYSTEM user accounts.
  • Support for synchronizing a property's value with a value from a JSON file.
  • Added 'Get a Free Tcp Port' and 'Check TCP Port' actions.
  • Added support for undo operations.
  • Improved IIS WWW Root path when the IIS feature is not enabled.
  • Updated Microsoft .NET Framework predefined prerequisite to the latest version 4.8.1.
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