Oxygen XML Web Author V25.0

Adds new DITA authoring features and more customization options.
October 14, 2022 - 10:33
New Version


User Interface Improvements

  • Control Indentation in Code Blocks - It is now easier for you to add indentation in code blocks by using the Tab or Shift+Tab keyboard shortcuts.
  • Select an Element, its Content, or its Parent Element - A Select submenu has been added in the contextual menu that contains actions for selecting an Element, its Content, or its Parent element.
  • Image Map Editor is Now Available for XHTML Documents - The image map editor is now available for XHTML documents, which provides an easy way to create hyperlinks in various areas within an image.
  • Smart Paste Improvements - Various tweaks have been made in the mappings for the Smart Paste mechanism. For example, pasting HTML code into a codeblock now only inserts the text content, pasting multiple paragraphs no longer merges them into a single paragraph, xrefs are no longer inserted when pasting links, and more.

DITA Authoring

  • Enable Inline Insertion Actions in DITA Maps - A new Inline insertion actions CSS style is now available in the Choose style dialog box (in the Additional styles section) when editing a DITA map in the visual editor that makes it easier for you to insert new topic references. Enabling this style renders an insertion widget in locations in the map document where a new topic reference can be inserted.
  • Set the Syntax Highlight Language for Codeblocks Using a New In-place Action - When a DITA topic contains a <codeblock> element, an in-place pop-up action can now be used to easily change or set a syntax highlight language (@outputclass attribute) for the code block content.
  • Outline Pane Available for DITA Maps - The Outline pane (which displays a general tag overview of the currently open document) is now available when you are editing DITA map documents.
  • Topic References in the DITA Maps Manager Collapsed by Default - Topic reference nodes are now collapsed by default in the DITA Maps Manager pane, making it effortless for you to navigate and explore large or complex maps.
  • Floating Toolbar Now Includes Link Actions - It is now easier than ever to insert cross references, file references, or web links with the addition of link actions in the floating toolbar.

Customization and Integration

  • Add Button Groups to the Floating Toolbar - The oxy_buttonGroup form control is now supported on the floating toolbar. This form control provides a drop-down menu with buttons that are used to invoke specific actions.
  • Implement Image Map Support in Custom Frameworks - In addition to support for image maps being added in XHTML documents, it is now also possible to implement the image map feature in custom frameworks.

Concurrent Editing

  • Sessions Resume Seamlessly After Connection Loss - You are now able to seamlessly resume a concurrent editing session when the connection is lost for a short period of time (for example, if you lose internet connection or the computer goes into sleep mode, the session will resume seamlessly after the connection is re-established).

Performance Enhancements

  • Cached Content Reference Targets Load Faster - Performance has improved been when opening files with repeated content references (@conref) by storing the target file in a cache so that the files now load faster.

Component Updates

  • Updated the Jackson Databind library to version
  • Updated the Apache Shiro library to version 1.9.1.
  • Updated the RESTEasy component to version 4.7.7.Final.


  • New Method to Open Links - The API now allows you to open a link using the new openLink method that was added to the Workspace API class.
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