Oxygen XML Web Author

Oxygen XML Web Author is a browser-based XML editor that combines the power of Oxygen XML Author and the versatility of HTML5. It includes out-of-the-box support for DITA, DocBook, TEI, and XHTML. Features include visual editing, document structure validation and content completion. You can also tweak the editing experience using standard technologies, such as CSS and XML Schema languages.

Oxygen XML Web Author Features

  • GitHub Support - Edit files directly from your public or private GitHub repository. You can use a branching workflow to take advantage of the Web Author's automatic merging support for conflicts resolution.
  • Support for WebDAV Servers - Choose from a wide variety of servers that support the WebDAV protocol, such as Box.com, Apache HTTP Server, Microsoft IIS, Subversion, and Alfresco.
  • Powerful API - Every feature is designed with customization in mind. By using the...

Latest News

Oxygen XML Web Author V21.1
Oxygen XML Web Author V21.1
Adds a new plugin that provides a toolbar button for manual spell checking, plus Section 508 compliance.
Oxygen XML Web Author V21.0
Oxygen XML Web Author V21.0
Includes new features to help DITA authors work with DITA keys.
Oxygen XML Web Author V20.1.1
Oxygen XML Web Author V20.1.1
DITA maps now have several view modes to choose from, plus improves Web user interface.
oXygen XML Web Author V20
oXygen XML Web Author V20
Accepting or rejecting tracked changes is now easier.
oXygen XML Web Author 19
oXygen XML Web Author 19
New Validation view provides details of any problems in the current document.
oXygen XML Web Author V18.0.1
oXygen XML Web Author V18.0.1
Expands Git integration, adds spell checking to DITA documents and improves WebDav support.

Prices from: $ 2,352.00

Oxygen XML Web Author uses a subscription floating license model with a minimum commitment period of 12 months. The license key you receive contains the maximum number of user sessions that can...

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