Oxygen XML Web Author Releases

Released: Nov 22, 2022

Updates in V25.0.0.1 Build ID: 2022111708


Security/Component Update:

  • Updated the Apache Batik library to version 1.16.
  • Updated the Google Think library to version 1.7.0.
  • Updated the Google Protocol Buffers library to version 3.21.7.
  • Updated Apache Shiro to version 1.10.

Contextual menu:

  • Updated the Select > Element/Content/Parent actions, for cases when an element is fully selected, to consider it as the current element instead of the one at the cursor position.


Form Controls:

  • Fixed an issue where editing in a form...

Released: Oct 13, 2022

Updates in V25.0


User Interface Improvements

  • Control Indentation in Code Blocks - It is now easier for you to add indentation in code blocks by using the Tab or Shift+Tab keyboard shortcuts.
  • Select an Element, its Content, or its Parent Element - A Select submenu has been added in the contextual menu that contains actions for selecting an Element, its Content, or its Parent element.
  • Image Map Editor is Now Available for XHTML Documents - The image map editor is now available for XHTML documents, which...

Released: Jul 8, 2022

Updates in V24.1.0.1 Build ID: 2022070522



  • Added support for the "transform" function.

Author/Smart Paste:

  • Improved ID generation when the user pastes sections copied from an HTML page or Microsoft Word document.

Security / Component Update:

  • Updated RESTEasy from version 4.5.8 to version 4.6.0.
  • Switched to using the Nokogiri fork of the NekoHTML library, which contains some security updates.
  • Updated the Jackson Databind library to version


  • Improved performance in some cases when opening files from...

Released: Mar 10, 2022

Updates in V24.1


User Interface Improvements

  • Search side view - A Search side view has been added to the interface. It makes it easier to see both the search UI and the document with results highlighted. Moreover, it makes it possible to see all search results at a glance without having to scroll through the document.
  • Added support for @ mentions in review comments - Web Author now supports @ mentions in review comments. When adding a comment, if you enter the @ symbol followed by a user name, you see...

Released: Feb 4, 2022

Updates in V24.0.0.4 Build ID: 2022020109


Component Update:

  • Updated the Apache Log4j 2 library to version 2.17.1.
  • Updated the "jackson-databind" library to version 2.12.6.


Web Author/Validation:

  • Fixed an issue where automatic validation did not run when change tracking was active.
  • Fixed an issue where Schematron fixes were not presented when the "author.format.compatibility" options was set to "1".

Web Author GitHub Plugin:

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to commit in directories that had names containing...

Released: Dec 20, 2021

Updates in V24.0 Build ID: 2021122015


  • Critical/Security: Updated the Apache Log4j 2 library to version 2.17.0 to avoid the Log4Shell exploit.

Released: Dec 16, 2021

Updates in V24.0 Build ID: 2021121606


  • Critical/Security: Updated the Apache Log4j 2 library to version 2.16 to avoid the Log4Shell exploit.

Released: Dec 13, 2021

Updates in V24.0 Build ID: 2021121314


  • Critical/Security: Updated the Apache Log4j 2 library to version 2.15 to avoid the Log4Shell exploit.

Released: Oct 18, 2021

Updates in V24.0


Merge Tool

  • New Merge Tool for Resolving Conflicts - A new visual Merge Tool has been integrated into the commit workflow for organizations that have the Web Author integrated with a Git repository. It can be used to resolve conflicts when multiple users commit changes simultaneously. Features include:
    • Shows incoming changes, outgoing changes, and conflicts as a visual representation of the differences between two commits.
    • Users can resolve conflicts by editing the local version of the...

Released: Jul 12, 2021

Updates in V23.1.1 Build ID: 2021070608


Concurrent Editing

  • Concurrent Editing has now passed the BETA phase and is now a fully implemented and permanent part of the visual editor in Oxygen XML Web Author.


  • Customize the Authoring Experience During Concurrent Editing Sessions - A new sync.api.ConcurrentEditingManagerEventType.ROOM_CREATED event is now triggered when a Concurrent Editing Session is created. Integrators can use it to customize the UI or the state of certain functionality when concurrent editing is triggered...