Dr.Explain v6.5

Adds support for Text Blocks which are used to set a special design for specific content.
November 15, 2022
New Version


  • Added support for Text Blocks - A Text Block is a part of the content which has a specific design and logic for exporting.
    • The two main scenarios of text block usage are:
      • Setting a special design for specific parts of content: warnings, additional information, explanations, quotes, etc.
      • Setting logic rules for the content parts output: to specify what content should be output into final document under various conditions.
    • You could use this for creating documents of various levels of detailing from the same source project. For instance: User manual, Operator manual and Administrator manual.
  • Improved speed of network operations in Collaboration mode.
  • A dozen performance improvements and fixes have been made.
Text Block example


Parses live applications and automatically creates software documentation.

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