Dr.Explain is a help authoring tool for creating CHM files, HTML help, online manuals, PDF and printable documentation. It easily captures screens from live applications and documents them automatically. The Dr.Explain help file maker and documentation writing tool is available in 9 languages, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Dutch.

Dr.Explain can easily create help files and product documentation from a live software application or web site. Create help documentation for Windows software, Java and Web applications much faster than ever. The Dr.Explain captures application windows, automatically recognizes controls, and creates annotated screenshots with numbered callouts and tags.

Dr.Explain uses single source editing and content management system to manage text content, technical illustrations, and annotated screenshots...

Latest News

Dr.Explain v6.6.1280
Dr.Explain v6.6.1280
October 6, 2023New Version
Automatically resize large images when adding them to your documentation.
Dr.Explain v6.6
Dr.Explain v6.6
July 4, 2023New Version
Adds the ability to comment on topic content.
Dr.Explain v6.5
Dr.Explain v6.5
November 15, 2022New Version
Adds support for Text Blocks which are used to set a special design for specific content.
Dr.Explain v6.4
Dr.Explain v6.4
May 16, 2022New Version
Improves speed of network operations when in Collaboration mode.
Dr.Explain v6.3
Dr.Explain v6.3
November 10, 2021New Version
Improves accuracy when importing DOC/DOCX documents.
Dr.Explain v6.2.1207
Dr.Explain v6.2.1207
July 8, 2021New Version
Adds Lightbox effect for images in online manuals and CHM files.

Prices from: $ 284.20

One software license is required per user-PC schema. CASE 1: Dr.Explain is installed locally on workstations (desktop PC) and is launched locally. You need as many licenses as many PCs the application...

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