Dr.Explain Releases

Released: Jul 29, 2020

Updates in v6.1.x


Updated Jul 29, 2020


  • Added new algorithms for automatically annotating web pages with better recognition of significant controls and the ability to filter out most secondary elements.
  • Added the ability to automatically annotate web pages captured from Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.
  • Improved Window capturing process.
  • Added new way to create context sensitive help for web pages and web applications.
  • Added the ability to set Alt attributes for...

Released: Feb 19, 2020

Updates in v6.0.x


Updated Apr 17, 2020


  • Added the ability to insert several annotated screenshots in a single topic.
  • Added the ability to capture screen regions.
  • New simplified screenshot capturing tool.
  • Magnifier in the screenshot capturing tool.
  • New material design templates for online help.
  • More effective content editor.
  • Revamped Hi-DPI user interface with scalable vector graphics.


Updated Feb 19, 2020


  • Ability to insert several annotated screenshots in a single topic...

Released: Jan 25, 2019

Updates in 5.7


  • Quickly switch between Web and Print mode.
  • Revamped dialogs in the text editor and project settings.
  • Faster synchronization process in Collaboration mode.
  • Faster page load of produced CHM files.
  • Validation of anchor relations.
  • Better export of lists in RTF.
  • More accurate import of MS Word files.
  • More efficient validation tool.

Released: May 8, 2018

Updates in 5.6


  • Project autosaving - Your work won't be lost even in case of the system failure.
  • Better anchors support - Insert HTML anchor tags easily.
  • New revamped dialogs in the text editor - New clear and attractive user interface for text editor operations.


  • Performance improvements and fixes.

Released: Sep 14, 2017

Updates in 5.5


  • 64 Bit architecture - Dr.Explain now runs on 64 bit Windows OS exclusively so as to support bigger projects as well as to be more performant.
  • Now supports high resolution (Hi-DPI) screens, such as 4K monitors, taking full advantage of fine pixeling for the clearest user interface and better user experience.
  • New revamped user interface will help you to work more efficiently and with greater comfort.
  • The Import function got more flexible and robust.
  • The Export functions were optimized...

Released: Nov 29, 2016

Updates in 5.4


  • Simpler page design and layout customization.
  • Screenshot capture and analyzing tool was improved.
  • New startup screen.
  • New single-document interface (SDI) model.
  • Improved import functions.
  • Improved content editor.
  • Many components of Dr.Explain application were improved, such as PDF and HTML export, text editor, import algorithms and more.

Released: Feb 24, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 5.3

  • New Startup screen.
  • New single-document interface (SDI) model
  • Improved import functions.
  • Many minor issues were fixed and numerous improvements were made.

Released: Oct 15, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 5.2

  • Responsive layout of online manuals for better accessibility on mobile devices.
  • Automatic numeration of the documentation topics.
  • Verified Windows 10 compatibility.
  • Ability to import very large MS Word files.
  • Better RTL (Right-To-Left writing) support.
  • More customizable multi-level lists.
  • Many components of Dr.Explain application were improved, such as PDF and HTML export, text editor, import algorithms.

Released: Oct 10, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in V5.0

  • Teamwork and Collaboration - Collaboration module allows multiple Dr.Explain users to work together on the same projects via the TiWri.com platform.
  • Colored Export Logs - Spot alerts and error messages more easily.
  • Improved and Re-styled User Interface - Dozens of improvements and tweaks.
  • New Start-up Dialog - All your projects, ready at hand.

Released: Jul 4, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in V4.11

  • Multilevel Lists - Use predefined styles of multilevel lists and create your own list styles.
  • TiWri Support - Instantly publish online manuals on TiWri from Dr.Explain.
  • Spell checking settings are now set per project, not globally.
  • Several issues in PDF export were fixed.
  • Several issues in the text editor were fixed.