Advanced Installer 20.7

Adds support for repackaging in Windows Sandbox.
May 30, 2023
New Version


  • Added support for repackaging in Microsoft Windows Sandbox.
  • Added support for changing native frame color and corner type on Windows 11.
  • Added the option to select multiple SQL scripts for deletion.
  • Added a new option to control "ProductCode" regeneration when "ProductVersion" is changed.
  • Added the option to use a custom network share user for repackaging operation.
  • Optimized Repackager processing time in Docker container for faster conversion.
  • Added multiple methods for displaying the "ReadMe" file.
  • Added a predefined option for "OptimizedInstallMode" in the Patch project.
  • UI Revamp: Optimized the navigation and selection process for choosing certificates from the certificate store.
  • Improved UX during repackaging: Removed Windows Defender from the running process list.
Advanced Installer Architect

Advanced Installer Architect

A Windows installer authoring tool for installing, updating, and configuring your products safely, securely, and reliably.

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