Ironman Software PowerShell Universal v4.1

Automation adds support for SQLite.
September 14, 2023 - 11:21
New Version


  • APIs
    • Added Get-PSUEventHubConnection.
    • Added '-ConnectionId' to Send-PSUEvent.
    • Send-PSUEvent can now return data when using '-ConnectionId'.
  • Apps
    • Added 'BackgroundImage' and 'BackgroundRepeat' to New-UDPage.
    • Added 'Disabled' to New-UDSelectOption.
    • Added '-Label' to New-UDProgress.
    • Added '-OpenInNewWindow' to New-UDListItem.
    • Added '-Minimum' and '-Maximum' to New-UDTextbox.
    • Added additional configuration options to apps in the admin console.
    • Added Show-UDSnackbar\Hide-UDSnackbar.
    • Added '-OnSelectionChanged' to New-UDDataGrid.
    • Added '-DefaultSortColumn' and '-DefaultSortDirection' to New-UDDataGrid.
    • Added 'Restart' and 'Admin Console' links to dashboards of admins.
    • Added $TimeZone variable to apps.
    • Added New-UDTheme.
    • Improved behavior of New-UDButtonGroup.
  • Automation
    • Added Error status for jobs that succeed but have errors.
    • Added a 'Create Scheduled' button to the Scripts \ Schedules tab.
    • Added support for cmdlets in '-Command' in New-PSUScript.
    • Added a configurable Git sync timeout.
    • Added Git to the Linux docker container.
    • Added a 'Run Module Discovery' button to the module page.
    • Added support for SQLite.
    • Added loaded Assemblies to the process view.
    • Added support for PSScriptAnalyzer settings files.
Ironman Software PowerShell Universal

Ironman Software PowerShell Universal

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