Highcharts Dashboards released

Create insightful, interactive dashboards that drive decision-making.
September 21, 2023
New Product


  • Easy to create - Highcharts Dashboards is equipped with a user-friendly yet robust API, simplifying the process of building dashboards. Its component-based configuration means each element functions as a separate entity with its own configurable options.
  • Pre-built components - Includes a comprehensive set of pre-built components, including HTML, KPI, Highcharts and Data Grid, offering a wide array of options to create all sorts of dashboards.
  • Edit mode - Once a dashboard is created, it can be effortlessly configured by anyone thanks to the edit mode functionality. The intuitive drag-and-drop components enable easy color adjustments, size, component placement and more. Furthermore, chart options can be updated with a single click.
  • Synchronized data and interaction - Features like data grid and chart synchronization, along with synchronized axes, zooming, and cursor actions, enhance the user experience.
  • Easy theme customization - Customize your dashboard’s appearance effortlessly using media queries and CSS variables, allowing for seamless integration with your brand’s visual identity.
  • Responsive - Configurable layouts, based on robust Flexbox technology, ensure your dashboard looks great on any device, providing a consistent user experience.
Highcharts Dashboards

Highcharts Dashboards

Set up responsive, accessible dashboards in minutes with minimal effort.

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