Highcharts Dashboards

Highcharts Dashboards enables developers to focus on creating insightful and interactive dashboards that support decision-making, while handling the technical aspects of dashboard development. Seamlessly integrating with Highcharts data visualization libraries to enhance your dashboards, it includes built-in data synchronization, pre-made components, and user-friendly drag-and-drop editing for efficient design. Highcharts Dashboards takes care of the complex tasks, saving you valuable time.

Highcharts Dashboards Features

  • Integrates with Highcharts
    Highcharts Dashboards integrates seamlessly with all Highcharts data visualization libraries. Utilize all Highcharts charting methods and tools inside your components to supercharge your dashboard.
  • Time-saving Framework
    Don't waste time coding from scratch. Highcharts Dashboards does all the heavy lifting out of the box. Use the Highcharts framework to set up a functioning, responsive, accessible dashboard in minutes with minimal effort...

Latest News

Build and Customize Your own Dashboard Layout
Build and Customize Your own Dashboard Layout
April 15, 2024Product Update
Highcharts Dashboards 2.0 enhances design flexibility through new CSS styling and custom layout options for a more tailored user experience.
Highcharts Dashboards released
Highcharts Dashboards released
September 21, 2023New Product
Create insightful, interactive dashboards that drive decision-making.

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One software license is required per developer. Any and all developers working with the software will need a license. Highcharts Dashboards allows developers to enable the "Edit Mode" allowing end...

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