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Highcharts Gantt offers a standards-based way for generating advanced Gantt diagrams in web-based projects. It enables web and mobile developers to generate interactive charts for allocation and coordination of activities and resources. Built ontop of Highcharts JS, the industry-leading charting library. Highcharts Gantt comes built-in with helpful GUI enhancements such as milestones, percent-complete shadings, current day indication, and relationships between activities. It fully exploits modern web technologies and awards both developers and end users with a truly modern and dynamic experience.

Highcharts Gantt Features:

  • Customizable
    Being built on the foundation of Highcharts.JS makes the Highcharts Gantt solution a peerless development tool for Gantt applications. For example use it in combination with Highcharts to add a scatter series with images for custom markers for your tasks, or write custom event handlers to build your own planning tool on top of it. Or integrate the Navigator and Range Selector functionality from Highstock for unparalleled timeline management.
  • Modern

Latest News

Highcharts JS v7.2.0
Highcharts JS v7.2.0
Adds support for multiple color axes.
Highcharts Gantt JS v7.1.3
Highcharts Gantt JS v7.1.3
Adds 'tooltip.className' option for additional custom CSS class.
Highcharts Gantt JS v7.1.2
Highcharts Gantt JS v7.1.2
Adds new feature to vertically scroll plot area, plus improvements for waterfall and packedbubble chart series.
Highcharts Gantt JS v7.0.3
Highcharts Gantt JS v7.0.3
Adds xAxis.margin option to ensure a set distance between multiple axes on the same side.
Highcharts Gantt v7.0.2
Highcharts Gantt v7.0.2
Allows setting legend.width as a percentage, plus restrain default width to 50% for legends at the side of charts.
Highcharts Gantt v7.0.0
Highcharts Gantt v7.0.0
Adds Typescript support, plus new annotation API for supporting user interaction.

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