About Highcharts Dashboards

Set up responsive, accessible dashboards in minutes with minimal effort.

Highcharts Dashboards enables developers to focus on creating insightful and interactive dashboards that support decision-making, while handling the technical aspects of dashboard development. Seamlessly integrating with Highcharts data visualization libraries to enhance your dashboards, it includes built-in data synchronization, pre-made components, and user-friendly drag-and-drop editing for efficient design. Highcharts Dashboards takes care of the complex tasks, saving you valuable time.

Highcharts Dashboards Features

  • Integrates with Highcharts
    Highcharts Dashboards integrates seamlessly with all Highcharts data visualization libraries. Utilize all Highcharts charting methods and tools inside your components to supercharge your dashboard.
  • Time-saving Framework
    Don't waste time coding from scratch. Highcharts Dashboards does all the heavy lifting out of the box. Use the Highcharts framework to set up a functioning, responsive, accessible dashboard in minutes with minimal effort.
  • Pre-built Components
    Highcharts Dashboard includes pre-built charts, KPI and data grid components, all easily configurable via the same JavaScript options structure used by all Highcharts charting libraries. Not familiar with Highcharts? The intuitive API and typescript definitions keep the learning curve short.
  • Built-in Data Synchronization
    Utilize the dashboard data layer to load, process and structure your data. Any changes to your data will automatically synchronize across your dashboard components. No extra work necessary.
  • Responsive Out of the Box
    Highcharts Dashboards is optimized for display on various devices and screen sizes. The dashboard layout engine is based on Flexbox, ensuring component layouts adjust dynamically and reliably on all modern browsers when the dashboard container resizes.
  • Completely Customizable
    Create custom layouts. Add custom HTML and media components. Even use a different charting library (if you must). It's all up to you. The simple configuration options and variable-driven CSS make customization quick and easy. No proprietary editors or ugly hacks. You control the code.
  • The Secure Choice
    With Highcharts Dashboards, your data belongs to you. Unlike low or no-code dashboards that host your data offsite, Highcharts Dashboards is a completely self-hosted solution that poses zero risk to the integrity or privacy of your data.
  • Intuitive Editing
    Tweak dashboards elements without a code editor. Rearrange components via drag and drop, and intuitively adjust the dimensions of rows and components.
  • Works with your Stack
    Highcharts Dashboards works with any back-end database or server stack. Provide data in any form, including CSV, JSON, or load and update it live.
  • Extensible
    Like the Highcharts charting libraries, Highcharts Dashboards is built in a modular way with extensions in mind. Extend the default behavior of Highcharts Dashboards by setting proper types for your extensions and declaring additional interfaces with your extensions to the Highcharts namespace.
  • Works on all Modern Browsers
    Since the layout engine is based on Flexbox, Highcharts Dashboards works in most modern browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.
  • Supports Light and Dark Mode
    By default, Highcharts Dashboards' theme is set to match your system settings through the 'prefers-color-scheme' media query. You can override the system settings via CSS, or manually switch between light and dark mode via edit mode.