Highcharts Dashboards Releases

Released: Jul 4, 2024

Updates in v2.2.0


  • Added support for the beforeParse callback in the GoogleSheetsConnector options.

Released: May 22, 2024

Updates in v2.1.0


  • Improved error messages when options were misconfigured.
  • Added the option to use valid HTML inside the DataGrid cell, along with adding the useHTML option.
  • Added autoScroll option to the Datagrid's highlight sync.
  • Added the group option which allows synchronization to be grouped within components sharing the same connector.
  • Added affectedSeriesId option to the Highcharts component's highlight sync.
  • Added the ability to set multiple connectors for the Highcharts Component.
  • Added a vue...

Released: Mar 13, 2024

Updates in v2.0.0


  • Added support for custom HTML layout. The use of 'gui' is now optional.
  • Dashboard, and charts, are now 100% stylable via CSS instead of JavaScript.
  • Include what you need, with Dashboards Core, Layout/EditMode and DataGrid as separate scripts. 'dashboards-plugin' has been removed and is no longer needed.
  • Improved chart synchronization options, and added additional options to highlight synchronization. 'highlight', 'tooltip' and 'crosshair' can now be set separately.
  • Improved and...

Released: Feb 14, 2024

Updates in v1.3.1


  • Fixed the wrong length of columns in JSONConverter, when 'x' is the same.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect calculation of component content height when caption is defined.
  • Fixed issue with wrong type declarations in Dashboards ES modules.
  • Fixed issue with DataGrid column headers disabling.
  • Fixed crossfilter sync with string data.

Released: Jan 24, 2024

Updates in v1.3.0


  • Internal optimizations and minor TypeScript enhancements.

Released: Jan 10, 2024

Updates in v1.2.1


  • Added a way to drag custom components from the sidebar.


  • It was impossible to set KPI content flex-direction.

Released: Dec 14, 2023

Updates in v1.2.0


  • Added the affectNavigator option allowing crossfilter to affect the contents of the other navigators.


  • Fixed syncs between different lengths of arrays of series.
  • Fixed KPI component updating when new options include chart options.
  • Fixed issue with missing rows, when datagrid visibility is switched.
  • Fixed d.ts files for HighchartsTypes.
  • Fixed missing update position of the context menu.

Released: Nov 29, 2023

Updates in v1.1.3


  • Added the option to add text next to context button.
  • Added 'linkedValueTo' option to the KPI Component.


  • Fixed an error when adding a new chart component.

Released: Nov 8, 2023

Updates in v1.1.2


  • Added closing sidebar, when clicking outside the box.
  • Added demo that saving and loading dashboards in localStorage.
  • Added the settings.enabled option. Closes #19707.
  • Disabled add component button when the cell toolbars are disabled. Added options for disabling the add component and rwd buttons.
  • Added aria-expanded for the context menu button.


  • Improved accessibility by changing the context menu toggle into a button.
  • Added missing type for the columnName parameter.
  • Added unmount...

Released: Sep 21, 2023

Updates in v1.1.1


  • Added aria-expanded for the context menu button.
  • DataTable.aliases property now replaces DataTable.getColumnAliases() and DataTable.setColumnAlias().