MiG Calendar updated

August 30, 2011 - 9:58
Patch Release

With MiG Calendar you can, with very little effort, add any kind of time based visualizations to your application. You can create anything from full blown calendar applications, like Outlook or Apple's iCal, to TV-schedule or Flight Information applications. You can do all this with the same component configured in different ways.

Updates in V6.9.1

  • Fixed: ClassCastException in CompositeRecurrence
  • Fixed: Made Date Area drag start use omnidirectional distance instead if just distance in the primary dimension.
  • Fixed: DefaultDateArea.hideTooltip() now also cancels the show timer
  • Fixed: The category header component was clipped to the viewport which meant visuals were missing in for instance print preview bean
  • Fixed: Background is now painted with AlphaComposite.SRC so that it works correctly with translucent windows
  • Fixed: An ActivityDragResizeEvent was fired even if the drag distance wasn't more than the set minimum drag distance
  • Fixed: SlimDateSpinner didn't work correctly if a modal dialog was shown in the notification thread of a arrow key press
  • MiG Calendar now requires Java 1.5 or later

About MiG InfoCom

MiG InfoCom was founded in 1991. They create extremely flexible components and applications. Their fields of expertise are user satisfaction and code design. They believe that a satisfied user becomes a very valuable resource. They have a firm commitment to code quality and reuse; the corner stones to bug free and well performing programs.

A calendar created using MiG Calendar.

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